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Business courses and programs designed for women who know they were made for more–and aren’t afraid to go after it.

More living.

More freedom. More profit.

It’s a proven, sure-fire way for you to become unstoppable when you join one of our courses or programs that help you start and scale your online business.





We provide the perfect recipe for success as an entrepreneur:

as seen in...

as seen in...

So buckle up, because it’s time to give yourself the tools and support to reach a whole new level of your "made for more" life.

you get to have it all.

Every entrepreneur has that defining moment where you realized you were made for more and from then on, you couldn’t shake that undeniable calling to test the boundaries of what is possible.

If you are here, I know for a fact you weren’t made to settle for normal. You were not put on this earth to work under fluorescent office lights counting down the days until your next vacation, or stuck in a business that feels unaligned working 24/7 for yourself.

You were meant to blaze your own trail–to find work that lights you up from the inside out, make bank, and live a life beyond your wildest dreams. And around here

“This can’t be it. There has to be another way of living. There has to be something more.”

If you think back, there was a single moment in time where something clicked and you had the thought, 

live life to the fullest, earn millions, impact thousands, summit mountains - you get the point.

Your goal is to do things BIG:

i'm ready

made for 






work with us

and enjoy a freedom filled lifestyle.

Your one-stop-shop to start and scale an online business, build generational wealth, join a community of ambitious badass women, 

Welcome to LL Co.

Whether you are still daydreaming from your corporate office or well on your way to 7 figures… we’ve got the courses, resources and support you need to thrive as an entrepreneur!

work with us

Our SIGNATURE 4 month live group coaching program designed to take you from lost and confused to full time entrepreneur making consistent $5k months. Over 300+ women from 30+ countries have gone through this program and together they’ve generated millions in sales.

Lay 6 figure foundations & scale to consistent $5k months

Check out LLB

The only mix-and-match academy of courses specifically made for service based entrepreneurs to teach you DFY profitable skills far beyond tech tutorials. We bring in industry experts to teach you skills, strategy, workflows, insider tips from years of experience and so much more.

learn profitable skills specifically for service based entrepreneurs 

Check out SMA

The business beginner course to kickstart your online business and get those first paying clients. Don’t get bogged down by trying to learn & do too much at first, and learn just the need-to-know to start getting paid.

Get your first clients, start your online biz & quit your 9-5

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Our single-topic niche mini courses include courses about lead generation, creating content that coverts, making sales on social media, and how to hire.

Our templates include ClickUp, Airtable, and Google sheets for things such as organizing income/expenses, tracking leads & more!

learn in depth + plug & play

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Courses & Templates

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This is a 4 week sprint-based group coaching program (for coaches and DFY/agencies) to help you get unstuck, ramp up momentum & build a customized 6 month step-by-step gameplan for how to scale to $10-30k/months. We follow a proven system & framework to help you make more while working less.

get your unstuck & create a customized, strategic gameplan to scale to $10-30k months.

Check out the gameplan

A 12 month mastermind for the self-led entrepreneur scaling to $10-30k+ months who desires high level support & guidance, as well as space to execute & live life aka you don't need 50 calls per month & hand holding. 

Scale to $10-30k+ months with a unique structure of high level support x space to execute

Check out the Mastermind

NOTE: we use the Five Figure Formula curriculum to scale with long term support. And you get access to all AK courses.

A 6 month mastermind for those ready to level up big time and continue scaling their business to multi-six figures. We go in depth on business evolution as well as the mindset work needed to unlock your next level of freedom and wealth.

Scale your business to $200k-$500k+

Check out the Mastermind

Working online is great for the days you want to be in PJs on your coach, but not so great for having friends & a social life. Plus you created this business to have freedom, so let's capitalize off of that with fun girls trips all around the world.

enjoy your freedom by traveling to adventurous & luxurious locations with fellow entreprneurs

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let's make it happen

Three years ago, I chose to quit my corporate 9-to-5, sold all my belongings, and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. I had no real plan—just a burning desire to see the world and a bone-deep certainty that there was more to life than my mind-numbing day job. 

Since then I have started multiple business ventures including LLCo. which has scaled to over $1 million dollars in 2 years, and has helped hundreds of women from all over the world build profitable online businesses, defy expectations, and create a freedom lifestyle on their terms—no one else’s.

Something tells me you belong here and desire something more.

Hey there, I’m Amanda Kolbye. I’m on a mission to help female entrepreneurs acquire business tools & knowledge so they can create generational wealth and a life where you never think “is this it?” In our world, women become unstoppable. In our world, limitless is the only boundary we adhere to. 

Here’s the thing - your past story, knowledge, and experiences may have shaped you to be where you are now, but they don’t have to define where you go next. Every day you get to choose again as to how you will live your life - and every defining moment will come down to just that, a choice.

hi, i'm Amanda

7-figure international business coach, online educator, and founder of Laptop Lifestyle Co. 

The woman behind the mission



Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and a marketing genius. She really understands how the online business space works, and is 150% committed to showing up for her clients every single day. Since working together I went from being capped at 1:1 service to a full sustainable agency. I flew past the 6 figure revenue mark for the year and even booked $78K in sales in one week. I am paying myself more than I have earned in the past 10 years

- Luisa Alberto

$78k week & sustainable agency

Amanda is absolutely amazing! Her services are worth 10x the investment, and it has changed my business for the better forever. I was feeling super lost as to how to scale my business and now I have so much clarity around my business and my offers since working with her. I absolutely loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone!

- Katie Stuart


By my fourth month in business I had a $20k+ month and I now bill multiple 5 figs every month. Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. She helped me set a foundation for growth and shift my mindset into an entrepreneur. When it comes to systems, Instagram and sales, Amanda is the QUEEN. Now I have a million dollar business and I owe it all to Amanda.

- Sari De


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