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A 2 week group intensive for DFY services providers and coaches, to create a gameplan to scale to $10-30k months.

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as seen in...

as seen in...

it's no wonder things feels hard right now. 

scaling is like a puzzle - you need all the pieces in order to create the big picture you want.

And yet most people do one of the folowing:

Stay stagnant because they feel too overwhelmed and paralyzed to figure out what to do now

Try to just do more , faster - or rather do it all - and end up feeling burned out

Focus on only one thing (ex. make one hire) and get frustrated when it's not working

It's like mastermind level knowledge and results in weeks instead of months.

This is a 2 week group intensive (for coaches and DFY/agencies) to help you build a 6 month step-by-step gameplan for how to scale to $10-30k/months.

so what is

There is power in pausing, slowing down, evaluating your business and goals, and then building a plan to be smarter and more effective with your resources so that all the pieces of your business can work in harmony. 


thankfully, while there is always hard work required, scaling doesn't have to mean more, when you have a

you want to scale but you literally cannot do more... 







we focus on 3 core areas:

carli illingsworth

Course Creation Expert

My biggest challenge was making decisions about where to go NEXT, who to hire, what to do, how to get more time etc. I grew fast & felt capped.

Copywriting Agency

molly nutt



I now have a lot of clarity around what my 6 month plan is for growth. This program really made me think about MY business, not some copy & paste strategy.

I knew that I wanted to grow my business and my team but I wasn’t taking action because I felt pretty confused and overwhelmed at the idea of scaling.



I think the biggest thing is that I realized not only how to reach my next goal but a process to really be able to plan and implement ANY goal I set my mind to. We mapped out income levels way beyond my wildest dreams and it all feels so possible and achievable!

It all felt like a guessing game. My biggest struggle was being confident in the direction of hires I wanted to go in to develop my team.

Social Media Agency

nicole berg



I have never been more sure on what needs to happen next. The timeframe in which the program was held was probably my favorite thing about the program because I was able to laser focus on everything. It was amazing how much we were able to cover and accomplish.

imagine how               you could be if you knew            what to do next...




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Ready to have massive clarity in weeks, instead of months?

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60 day after the 2 week program ends, we will have a follow up group coaching call to answer further questions that have come up and make any adjustments to your gameplan if things have changed.

60 day follow up call

Part of growing your team means hiring and training them which takes a lot of time, which is why you also get 1 month free inside SMA - our in depth membership that will teach your team any skills you need them to learn.

1 month free in Skills mastery academy

Everything is more fun when you don't go it alone. Throughout the program you will not only learn from me but soak up all the knowledge, support and advice from the fellow brilliant ladies in the program. You will also get a 1:1 partner for select activities and in depth feedback.

mastermind of sisters + a hand picked partner

Part of getting clarity is getting all your thoughts and ideas in an organized fashion on paper, and lucky for you I'm the spreadsheet queen. You will get multiple sheets to work through certain scenarios, unravel and dissect your offers, and walk away with my signature 6 month gameplan sheet.

templates & spreadsheets

It's the small questions and in between moment where the magic happens. Our group Voxer is small, intimate and POPPIN'!!!! Because this is a short program I am in there multiple times a day (Monday through Friday) to make sure every question is answered.

group voxer for daily support

We don't want you to leave guessing or questioning anything which is why after tons of calls and Voxer coaching, at the end, you get to submit your gameplan to me to personally audit and give validation.

1:1 audit of your final 6 month gameplan

Beyond just learning, we have 3 coaching calls to discuss, brainstorm and get feedback in order to flush out your ideas with myself and your fellow Gameplan mastermind ladies. If you have ever worked with me before, you know I hold nothing back on coaching calls and give everyone specific feedback/advice.

live coaching calls with ak

You need to learn before you can think, strategy and execute. We know you already know the basics, so now it's time to learn and re-evaluate the 3 core areas at the next level. Our workshops cover offer suite evolution, team & hiring, and infrastructure/systems.

3 workshops with in depth, high level learning

what's included?

You're willing to put in the work and ready to invest into your team - you know your success is inevitable, now you just need a plan to get there

You want clarity and confidence instead of continuing to guess what to do next. You want space AND more income (and we can get you there)

You are tired and feeling burned out as a one woman show and need more hands on deck asap

You want custom action steps & a strategy to scale without joining a long term, high ticket mastermind

You have already learned business foundations but feel stuck at $5-10k months

This is for you if..

Is it right for you? 

that's me - i'm in!

ariel cummings


molly nutt



(and in case you haven’t taken a vacation since starting your business, you can go ahead and book that in because pretty soon you'll be prepared to let the business run without you)

do hypothetical tests to ensure your growth plan is bullet proof

customize a 6 month plan specific to your goals, team and offers for how you will scale (with 1:1 feedback from me)

learn in depth knowledge about the 3 core areas of growth to apply right now and at every next level

audit your entire business to find the gaps and growth points

you will have or do the following

by the end...


One time payment of



3 Monthly Payments of

payment plan


6 Monthly Payments of

payment plan

best value

Ready to have massive clarity in weeks, instead of months?

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- Sarah Dickson - VA Mentor & OBM

Before I was honestly overworked and capped. All my offers and processes were not great and needed to be upleveled. Afterwards, I have clarity on every aspect of my business, started hiring and am on track to double my income in the next few months.

doubling my income without overworking

- Ariel Cummings - Designer

I was on a constant hamster wheel of client work. I didn't know how to take my business to the next level without duplicating myself. After The Gameplan, I was amazed at what we were able to achieve in such a short time period. I already booked 3 new clients for a new offer that we came up with and feel so clear on how to scale.

finally off the hamster wheel

- Aleina Radovan - Desginer

Before the program I was STUCK. I had no clue where to even start to scale my business. My income was capped because I had no more time in the day. I just made a huge hire for a Jr. Designer and have soooo much clarity on the steps I need to prioritize and take. This program was exactly what I needed and game me all the tools to scale.

delegating queen

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