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The 3.0 course material is slated to go live in late March. You have the option to re-join with the Feb 6 cohort OR in late March with the release of the 3.0 material. After you sign up below, we will reach out to confirm which date you want.

  • 3-4 monthly group coaching calls (topic based discussion + hot seat + Q&A)
  • Weekly accountability group call (put in small accountability groups)
  • 2-3+ challenges per quarter to help you take action (and win actual prizes like a content audit from AK)
  • One networking call per month
  • Quarterly guest expert trainings (sometimes surprise other ones)
  • 1-2 Labs per month (these are mine and everyones NEW favorite addition. These are 90 minute workshops with a specific business skillset + exercises to actually practice in breakout rooms 

  • Mini "Reboot" lesson/action plans to use as needed to get unstuck when you need a reboot
  • and more!
  • ex) 3 positioning exercises provided and workshop these applied to your current content live with coach feedback/involvement 
  • OR ex) freebie/funnel building where we outline 2-3 short sections to outline together such as the email copy or overall strategy funnel map etc)

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**most masterminds are at least $1500/month so trust me when I say this a steal & we can't wait to keep supporting you!

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$200 off by feb 3

of course you can be success on your own from here

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