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A self-paced business basics course that helps you start your online business and land your first clients

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your complete               to starting your online business & Landing your                 


first clients

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To ensure you are able to take action ASAP and don't get overwhelmed, we have a 30 day roadmap to learn & execute everything inside this course. You'll be on your way to landing clients in no time.

30 day roadmap to launch & get paying clients

The only other thing you need to start getting paid is SKILLS. People have to pay you for something. And if you don't already feel 100% confident in your skills, Skills Mastery Academy is exactly what you need alongside this Kickstarter course.

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Part of getting clarity is getting all your thoughts and ideas in an organized fashion on paper, and we have easy to follow workbooks with each lesson to you can apply what you are learning to your own business. You will get also get multiple resources that you will use daily in your business.

workbooks & resources

You need to learn before you can think, strategy and execute. Most business courses cover too much and leave you overwhelmed and thus not able to see results. We give you only the need to know steps & info to actually start making money. Get ready for you online CEO "business degree"!

5+ modules covering business basics

You're willing to put in the work and ready to invest into yourself. You refuse to settle for another second of the 9-5 office life!

You want clarity and confidence instead of continuing to guess what to do next. You are ready to start actually making money!

You know you were made for more and are ready to take the leap towards building your dream business and lifestyle

You are struggling to land your first few clients and feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there.

You want to start an online service based business, but have no idea where to start

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Sarah Holmes

Designer + Strategist


Jess thompson

Tech Expert



Define your ideal client & niche so you know exactly who needs your services

Uplevel your CEO mindset to unblock limiting beliefs and clear the way to skyrocket forwards

Craft your offer and pricing so you have something for people to actually pay you

Set up the legal & finances & tech business basics to protect yourself and get organized

you will have or do the following

by the end...

Learn where & how to find your first few clients and start making money with your new business!

5 modules of business basics

just kickstarter course

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ready to turn this dream into reality?!

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Workbooks & resources

30 day roadmap

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5 modules of business basics

Skills mastery Academy

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Workbooks & resources

30 day roadmap

One SMA Skills Course of your choosing


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Within 3 weeks of launching her business she made over $5k and secured 6 months of recurring revenue. Only a year later, she has a team of 5+ people, has scaled a six+ figure agency and has become one of the go-to experts in her industry.

Social media guru with a full agency one year later

Social Media Manager

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I made $13k in my first 4 months!

Brand Strategist

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Since starting LLB, I’ve secured $13,562 in sales between August and December and didn’t even launch publicly until September. I made my money back 3x! Now I’m able to travel, hired a VA and Jr Designer, and have started planning to scale. You will 100% come out of LLB with so much value!

I gained more clarity on what I wanted to do and how to do it. I realized that I was just consuming content but not taking action, so joining LLB was my first leap with Amanda's help and guidance. I loved how I was able to get support from the other LLB girls. It made me feel like I wasn't going through this alone even during the pandemic. I feel like I am starting to pave the way to a great future for myself and for others.

I am not afraid to invest in myself anymore!

Designer and Illustrator 

job title:


LLB is the whole package! You'll meet an inspiring group of women who "get you". The work you do in LLB gives you the confidence to shift your mindset and see yourself as that capable woman who has the power to create the life of her dreams. Amanda gives you the step-by-step process to grow your business. Like, the real deal! It frickin works! 

an industry leader with Reels & landing consistent clients!

Reels + IG Coach

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