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A 12 month mastermind for those scaling to $10-30k+ months who are self-led powerhouses that want support and guidance but don't need 50 calls per month & hand holding.

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it's time to make a power play & take charge in revamping or upleveling your business

as seen in...

as seen in...

You are already successful. You've worked hard & know what it takes.

you might have doubt sometimes because, duh, we are human, but when push comes to shove, you've always done what was necessary and that's why you are here today running your own successful business.

you are driven
you are ambitious AF
you are a self-led entrepreneur

one thing is for sure:

whether you're exactly where you want to be or not right now...

You know how important the right knowledge, mentorship & support is.

You know you crave that energizing environment and insight to help hold you accountable and push you to expand into your next level. 

you don't need hand holding

But you haven't found the right support that isn't just a typical super high-investment mastermind stuffed to the brim with calls/stuff

but you are also not so nieve to think that "going it alone" is what's best.

until now...

And to do that you need a            mix of support.        

You’ve likely sprinted to see your success thus far and obviously you’ve achieved a lot, but you’ve also likely realized you don’t want to sprint to the next money milestone just to make more.

You want to make more but also want to ...
be a present mom
travel the world
take long weekends just because
& be intentional and grow in a way that feels good for you.

you are running a freaking business         trying to live your life.

you are busy!

tell me if this sounds like you



You need support —

— but you need space

You need guidance —

— but you also want a true mastermind fueled by the other women in the group

You want knowledge —

— but you don't need tons of courses or 50 guest trainings

You want to scale & make more —

— but you want to also focus on you, your health, and living your life

You want a place where you
plug into all of this every month
to keep you on track,
propel you forward,
fuel you to stay aligned and ...

... make a power play.

A 12 month mastermind for those scaling to $10-30k+ months who are self-led powerhouses that want high level support and guidance, but don't need 50 calls per month & hand holding.

unique 12 month mastermind for self-led scaling entrepreneurs


Designed exclusively for self-led visionaries and over-achievers who desire powerful mentorship & group mastermind-ing to propel them to their next level of more money, more time, &  more freedom!

this mastermind is not about fixing your business.

Power Play Mastermind is unlike any other mastermind out there that finally gives you exactly what you’ve been looking for: a space full of the most determined brilliant women, a mentor who’s committed to you and your success, and just the right amount of calls, trainings + support to plug in to consistent throughout your year.

it's about having a place every month to:

  • plug into energy & support
  • challenge you to go bigger & reach your full potential
  • learn new insights & strategies to scale
  • expand the way you think & execute
  • troubleshoot when things don't go as planned
  • create gameplans to stay on track & give yourself accountability
  • expand your network
  • give you space to actually implement & live your life

It truly is the right mix of structure + spaciousness
for you to ensure you are supported during every twist, turn & big ass goal this year.

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Joining this mastermind is arguably the most                  move you can make for your current & future self right now.


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the structure

  • 12 months
  • Put in pods based on where you are at in business + personality + struggles + quarterly gameplan (max 4-8 people)
  • 12 months of access to all AK courses
  • Access to all live AK programs in these 12 months (2 rounds of Gameplan, 1 round of SSS, multiple paid masterclasses and more)
  • Special rates and early access to other offers
  • Group Slack with weekly Q&A access to AK + One week of Voxer Power Chat per month
  • One group coaching call with AK
  • Core curriculum from "Five Figure Formula" course to learn new info & strategies about scaling
  • One Master of the Minds Call - New gal leads call once per month to share her expertise (like a true mastermind)
  • One Pod Mastermind Call (self led with suggested topics)
  • 3 1:1 content feedbacks by AK to submit any time during the year
  • BTS "diary entries" broadcasts of AK's business
  • Bonus spontaneous challenges & trainings from AK/guests

what's included

1:1 Kick off call + roadmap for the year (exclusive for Founding Members)

*listed on a per monthly basis unless otherwise stated

the deets

main principles

customized approach

scaling for wealth, time & joy

power boosts

You need quick hits of energy & insights to keep you going, redirect you, stay on track & fuel you to go bigger! That's how our calls, trainings & connections are all set up in the mastermind: quick POWERFUL spaces.

Of course we want to make more money and scale your business to make more while you do less, but we approach scaling from a wholistic perspective of not just money, but also your time, energy, joy & lifestyle.

It's time to stop analyzing & replicating what everyone else is doing, and instead learn how YOU operate & what YOU need/desire. We create custom strategies & coaching for YOU starting with your quarterly gameplans.

focus topics

offer suite evolution
passive products + course creation
hiring & managing your team
Sales & lead gen
magnetic marketing
brand strategy
optimize systems & processes
and more!

with group calls, group Voxer + Slack & accountability

plug in

our framework

with various trainings and any of my courses as needed

power up

what needs to change, when should you hire, what do you want to flush out - whatever it is, always know what's next


the only true thing that creates results is your action & we give you space to implement fueled by challenges & peer support

propel forward

use your gameplan & our checkpoints to pause & make sure you are on track every month


live your life with the spaciousness & by being supported with a group environment that values both the achievement & the lifestyle


every month you will...

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the power play roadmap

You all told me that you wanted guidance & some structure, because most masterminds are just vague "access" & Q&A calls... 

and let's be honest

There are tons of roadmaps for the beginning stages, but no one seems to have a roadmap for scaling.

you don't always know what to ask or what you need next to scale

we gotchu 😉

We know everyone is at different places in business so this roadmap is not "ABCDE," but rather includes:

  • milestones/goals within each category for you to implement that are necessary to scale sustainable
  • access to trainings & resources in each scaling category to refer to as needed
  • action items & BTS examples within each scaling category
  • previous guest expert recordings on outside topics
  • template to make your own custom quarterly roadmap each quarter based on these topics & goals that are most important for your unique business


Included in The Power Play Mastermind is access to the following LL Co. courses & live programs during your 12 months.

course access

live access

core curriculum for the mastermind

Plus any small courses.

any other new live programs & paid masterclasses

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value of

included for free!



claudia woodham

Business Coach


lily & lizzie clark

SMM Agency



Organic Growth + Visibility Strategist


Tech VA

Sari De, Career & Diversity Consultant

$300k revenue first year in biz + moved to hawaii

Becca Martin, Copywriter & Marketing Agency

bought her dream land & $25k+ months

Katy Stuart, Business Coach

Katie is the definition of ALL IN. Katie came to me her first few months in business trying to scale her group program because she was a full time teacher and mom. She hit her first $23k month right away, booked out with dream clients, and have since scaled to multi six figures and been able to quit her 9-5.

$20k+ monthS as a mama and full time teacher

"Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. I’m in my fourth month of business and I bill multiple 5 figs every month. I feel like I’m finally thinking like an entrepreneur and a CEO, planning my business like it’s going to be a million dollar company and not a side hustle. I now have secured $300k revenue for the rest of the year."

Becca was trying to scale an agency but it wasn't aligned with what she actually wanted AND she was tapped out on time. Together we restructured her team and offer suite, started building out funnel to immediately start bringing in passive income and she was able to scale to consistent $25k+ months, buy her dream plot of land and take more time off in her business than every before.

Christina Bernhard, Facebook Ads Agency

Christina had been trying to build her business for 2 years and within the first 6 months working together went from $0 to her first $20k month. Since then she has scaled a well oiled machine of an agency, is on track for a $250k year, is able to travel the world full time, and even texts me that she has so much time she is started another business. 

from $0 to $250k business in 1 year




x 12 months

payment plan

Ready to make a power play?

investment options


vip option


[ add on 3 1:1 calls + 3 weeks of private voxer to use individually any time during the year ]


founder pricing only accessible through february


x 10 months

pay in full

1:1 Kick off call + roadmap for the year (exclusive for Founding Members)


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Danyah Aossey

SMM Agency


Emma johnson

Web Designer


Brittany buxton

Consultant & Lawyer Coach


Market Research Expert

- Lindsay Sacco, Market Research Expert

Before the mastermind I was frustrated with my business model. I overcame a lot of mindset blocks, started hiring a team, and figured out my niche zone of genius to build an entirely new business with.  I love how Amanda is a mix of a coach and consultant and gets her hands in my business when I was stuck.

generalist to niche business model

- Ursula Wastian, Life Coach

I love Amanda for all her advise and how she seems to intuitively have a very good connection to what each participant needs. She works with you on business and strategy as well as overall lifestyle and wellbeing. I also just love her vibe and she has a very infectious energy. I also love that she is open and doesn't give 'this way as the only way' advise but really workshops answers with her students.

no cookie cutter advice

- Luisa Alberto, CFO Agency

Before the mastermind, I didn't have a roadmap and things weren't scalable. Now I have built out an agency model with a team, and I flew past the 6 figure revenue mark for the year (I even booked 78K in sales in one week.) Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and a marketing genius. She really understands how the online business space works, and is 150% committed to showing up for her clients every single day.

$78k sales in one week

to make power moves, you need to...

be expanded, challenged, supported, given new perspectives and surrounded by the kind of "fuck yeah" energy that makes you want to fearlessly chase after your next level of happiness & success.

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