as seen in...

as seen in...

Building your own 6+ figure business using just Instagram is the dream, right?

The reason it doesn’t work for most is because they’re missing one key component—a proven, tried and tested strategy - but not just Instagram logistics, they’re missing how to use Instagram in the bigger picture. They’re missing marketing and sales skills on Instagram as well.

You’re already on the ‘gram slaying certain aspects. You’ve got an aesthetically pleasing feed, captions you’re pouring hours of time into, you’re even using hashtags and commenting on other people’s posts.

I get it, you’ve gone through all the tips, tricks, best practices, hacks, magic potions, and even made some sacrifices to the IG gods. But there’s something that still isn’t clicking.

Between having to write perfect captions, slay on stories, slide into potential client’s DMs, and somehow tie this all together with an actual strategy is enough to make you say “I give up!” You’re feeling completely overwhelmed, unclear, and wondering what you’re doing wrong that everyone else seems to be doing so right.

Working from the beach with a coconut in one hand and your phone in the other soaking up the sun in Bali?

Girl , trust me.  

Let me guess. 

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

But if it were that easy to grow a brand, book out your business, and sell out your programs on Instagram everyone would be doing it, right?

• DM's scare the poop out of you. You know they make bank for everyone else but just.                                               yourself.

Let me guess, does this strike an “oh damn that’s me” nerve...

• Showing up                   doesn’t feel like something you can do because you’re always tripping over your words and recording 18 takes for one IG story.

•                                     following daily is not a thing

• You                                    but you DO want to make money so you agonize over how to strike that perfect balance then end up not posting at all #decisionfatique

•                                            feels harder than writing college essays

• Building a kickass, supportive community just


Growing your Instagram

don't want to be sales-y

Writing & rewriting captions

don't get how to sell in the DMs

doesn't seem possible for you

Growing your Instagram

Writing & rewriting captions

            no clue how to find your ideal clients

doesn't seem possible for you

Look, Making money & selling your services on Instagram does not have to be hard.   

The only thing that’s missing from your IG arsenal right now is a                         that you can start implementing right away to reap the benefits of deeper connections and more sales—the exact thing that is going to take your biz to new levels.

You want to establish               and be seen as the go-to expert in your industry so you can start waking up to “how can we work together? I’m ready!” DMs weekly instead of hunting down any lead you can find on Facebook.

I know you’re craving an actual strategy and are ready to                                in normal courses so you can finally start showing up with confidence knowing your leads are hot and you’re in-demand.


cut through the fluff

proven strategy

You want access to the “insider secret” to growth, consistency, and making money on the ‘gram. The secret that only growth hacking gurus and #influencers know.

Alright, I’ll spill it, but lean in close, this is going to blow your damn mind…

There is no secret.

powerful-as-hell ingredient is:

And I’m not just saying that to keep it for myself. The truth is, what you’re really missing out on is the foundational knowledge and surefire business strategies that teach you how to achieve all your big (like keep to yourself BIG) dreams as a business owner.

You only need one thing (ya know, besides your phone and the IG app) to make your business blow up and that


And that’s all you need for this course. It’s time to get visible with a kick-ass strategy and leave behind the stress, overwhelm, and just plain confusion for good.

It’s time to master the ‘gram and start making bank!

I know what you’re thinking…

“So, Amanda, spill it. What’s the secret?” 

Ready to conquer the 'gram and ignite your online business?

The ultimate IG course for online business owners that combines tools + strategy to help you master marketing and sales on the ‘gram to book out your biz and make you bank.



This course is the complete blueprint of how to run & market a successful online business on Instagram.

You have the power to choose your relationship with Instagram.


Instagram can either be ... 


a daunting
& energy-draining app

an energizing, empowering platform to share your mission, create amazing connections, & make money all at the same time!



By the end of this course, you will be able to…

The Instagram Business Blueprint is exactly what you need so that you can finally feel confident running an online business, executing content strategies like a pro, build your ride or die tribe, and create the freedom lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of since the day you walked into your cubicle!

• Learn how to strategically expand your reach based on the seasons of your business
• Create an Instagram story strategy that does the selling for you
• Have ideal clients popping into your DM asking to work with you
• Build a solid well rounding IG presence that funnels your followers to your offers like a magnet ... and more!



"The course has everything! I also took Jenna Kutchers Instagram course and yours was 17,736x more information than hers! It’s kind of crazy how much more yours has! You will never need another Instagram course again. I'm seriously blown away by the value for the price!"



"Before this course, I had never made money online and did not know how to market myself or sell my services without feeling too "salesy." Now, I attract dream clients with ease and make all of money from Instagram! I landed 4 clients in my DMs in one week!



"I was hooked by Module 1! I was like this babe doesn't even come up for air. She gives so much GOLD! I've taken other courses and their content/teaching style was nothing like yours!."

So who am I? 

I’m a business and marketing coach for service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to absolutely slay the online space and are ready to scale to 6+ figures all while traveling the world. 

I built my own multiple 6-figure business in less than 10 months using primarily IG all with less than 5,000 followers. No bots. No media. No sleazy follow/unfollow strategy.

Ready to truly master Instagram sales & marketing?

Hey there! I'm Amanda

I’ve had multiple $70k launches and wake up to DMs every week with ideal clients looking to work with me. And here’s the important part, I’m not special. You can have all of this, too. You just have to put in the work. 

I showed up unapologetically with a mix of heart and strategy

I stopped treating followers like a number and started connecting with humans.

I stopped trying to climb the "Instagram ladder" and started using it as a business tool.

The rest of my secrets are all inside Instagram Business Blueprint 😉

Here is all the life-changing info packed into The Instagram Business Blueprint.

What's inside?

Instagram Business Blueprint

Hashtags & Growth Strategies

This module is JUICY AF! We are diving into high level strategies for how to grow your account,  how to use hashtags, how to know which ones are working best for you, and tons of organization templates!

Pre Module

module 1

Module 2

Foundation & The Algorithm

If you are starting from scratch no worries. Learn exactly how to set up your account from crafting the perfect bio to how to utilize Highlights for business. Then dive in the clearest, most simplified version of the Algorithm and learn how it can work FOR you!


Engagement drives both growth and relationships and is the fuel to you establishing yourself online. You will learn how to find ideal clients to engage with, my core 11 Engagement tactics, how to create a easy repeatable engagement workflow and more!

Converting Followers to Clients

As business owners, of course, our main goals is to get clients and make money! No shame in that. So in this module we cover how to convert your followers in clients, how to utilize your DMs, and how to sell on IG, and how build your customer funnel.

Module 3

module 4

Module 5

module 6

IG Stories

Stories may seem like you're "just poppin' on here," but they are 10x more powerful when you use them with a planned strategy, learn how to drive engagement, and gain the confidence to show up unapologetically. You'll get scripts to pitch as well as all the juicy deets on mini trainings.

Tracking Wins & Analytics

Lastly, you need to know how to track and analyze all these amazing strategies you have learned so that you can continually refine your efforts and create specific goals based on the ebbs and flows of your business. We break down all the analytics on Instagram and show you how to track your wins.


Learn everything from my exact daily and weekly schedule on Instagram, how to create viral content, photography 101, how to edit photos in Lightroom and more.

Here's what you get:

6 Course Modules

Designed to educate you on all the Instagram knowledge and strategies from A to Z that you need to know in order to run a successful online business.

($1500 value)

PDF Workbooks

There are in-depth workbooks to help you digest the information you learn and apply it to your own business, as well as hands on templates and resources to start using right away.

($800 value)

DM, Mini Training, & Pitching Scripts

($300 value)

There are over 20 scripts for you to plug and play so that you know exactly what to say for every situation.

Bonuses & Resources

• IGTV guide
• IG stories hacks and tricks
• Canva tutorial
• IG stories monthly calendar
• 30 day IG stories prompts

($1000 value)

• Hashtag organizer
• Engagement tracker
• Leads tracker
• Engagement workflow tracker
• Best Tools & Apps for IG

Want a peak inside?



"I 100% recommend this course to anyone from new to Instagram to more advanced! This course is jam packed with amazing value and practical tools to not only create killer content but also be authentic and grow organically in this oversaturated digital world and make an impact!"



"Instagram Business Blueprint is more than an Instagram course, it helps with putting system in place and really give actionable focus each week! I literally landed all my first clients from Instagram and I feel so much more confident."



"I have done other Instagram courses before, however none have been quite as complete and thorough as this. The workbooks are so in depth and organized, They really helped me gain clarity and organization to help with my execution. I recommend IBB 100% and feel it is the most comprehensive IG course out there!"

Imagine if you could...

• Hop on Instagram stories and absolutely             in one take instead of re-recording the same part 27 times

crush it

• Build a                      that is just as excited about your offerings as you are

loyal following

•                                       that your audience is simply begging for

Consistently create content

• Feel                   about what YOU specifically need to do to accomplish your goals on Instagram

crystal clear

• Have an                                 Instagram content planning process

organized, streamlined

Want to get results like these?

or these?

This is all possible for you! 

If you’re ready for all of this and so much more, it’s time to get in on this round of Instagram Business Blueprint.

Skyrocketed growth, increased sales, and seamless connections are right on the other side of the “purchase” button.

This isn’t just another Instagram course, this is the Instagram course you need in your back pocket to help you become a money-making and relationship building machine. 

I want you to have all the success in the world.

Let's do this!

All you have to do is take the leap of trust and put this strategy to use.

This can be the time where you finally…

• Sell out your launches and hit that 5-figure income mark

• Become an in-demand and highly sought after service provider

• Watch your engagement spike and your DMs blow up

• Open your eyes to messages from ideal clients who already have their wallets out before pressing “send”

• Feel more confident in your business, yourself, and your marketing strategy knowing you’re showing up to make an impact

There is no start date.

You will get access to all the modules right away and can go through it at your own pace.

When does the course start?

Forever and ever! Including any updates or additions!

How long do I have access for?

I gotchu! You are literally in the exact right place. This is an advanced Instagram course but the pre-module will cover all your basics. If you are an onlin business owner and not yet bringing consistent leads on Instagram and still feel unclear and overwhelmed, it doesn't matter what stage you are at... this course is right for you!

What if I don't have a business yet?

This is for service based online entrepreneurs such as virtual assistants, social media managers, designers, copywriters, coaches etc. If you are looking to establish your authority and personal brand on Instagram, master sales and marketing, and book out your business - you came to the right place!

Who is this for?

I’m so glad you asked. I have scoured the internet for almost 2 years trying out different Instagram courses and free trainings and there is NOTHING out there that specifically teaches ONLINE BUSINESS OWNERS how to use Instagram as as a business tool in conjunction with marketing and sales strategies. This course truly teaches you how to use Instagram as a business tool specific to online entrepreneurs and goes beyond the basics. It teaches you how to sell, how to think strategically, how to execute on Instagram, and even how to build your customer journey and sales funnel on Instagram. It is everything you need to know about Instagram marketing to scale to 6+ figures in your business!

I’ve seen a lot of other Instagram courses out there. Why is this one different??

There is no 1-1 support in this course but if you have any questions you can always post them in her Facebook group or inquire about working with Amanda through one of her other programs.

Do I get any 1-1 support from Amanda?

The Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur Facebook Group

Email for more info about working with Amanda