How to Land High Ticket Clients:

the recipe to naturally become wildly in demand

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What you'll learn during the Masterclass:
  • Understand the two main aspects that influence bringing in high ticket clients
  • Why people are going to hire YOU (vs someone else)
  • What will make people happily pay you 5 figures for their services
  • A repeat system to keep landing more high ticket clients


as seen in...

as seen in...

Well, I'm guessing you've heard of the terms "lead gen," "nurture" and "convert." And you're most likely trying to do all three of these steps in your marketing right now.

But the reason things aren't converting - especially not into high ticket clients - isn't just WHAT your are doing but HOW.

The answer is two fold:

✅ a damn good quality end result
✅ a seamless, high quality experience.

And it's time we divulge these "high ticket secrets" so you can start attracting dream clients & making bank!

  1. You're not executing in a way where these steps work together
  2. You're forgetting 2 MAJOR influencial factors in this marketing/sales cycle

so, what should you be doing?

High paying clients want 2 things:

just trying to create more freakin' reels and revamping your packages for the 10th time this month.

Because if we are honest with ourselves, that feels easier to check off a box rather than actually doing the things that are going to bring in those 4-5 figure paying clients.
But here you are...
(I'll cut to the chase)

Here's what we are covering in the masterclass

the 5 step sales cycle and how each step specifically influences landing high ticket clients
how high level clients make purchasing decisions (backed by market research)
the 2 things that 80%+ of entrepreneurs don't pay attention to that attract high paying clients
how to stand out beyond just doing "more marketing"

 What I'm teaching you has helped people achieve:

Quit their 9-5

Make enough money to go full time in their business and make 2-3xs their old salary.

Hit $500k+

Scale their packages and business to 6 and even multi-6 figures per year.


Live their dream life of travel the world, buying their dream home and just having freedom every day.


it's time to grow your income and feel damn confident about what you do.

hi hi hello!


I'm Amanda Kolbye, a 7 figure business coach, online educator and previous web designer. My first month as a designer I booked out my business in a week making over $5k and continuing to land 4-5 figure clients. In my coaching business, I scaled to a million dollar business in 2 years consistently selling $3k, $10k and even $20k+ packages.

So it's safe to say I not only know how to generate leads but know a thing or two about closing high ticket clients. And I've helped hundreds of women - just like you - build sustainable 6 and 7 figure businesses allowing them to live a freedom lifestyle AND make bank.

I can't wait to see you inside the training to help you start landing those dreamy high paying clients with ease!

Who is Amanda?
And why should I trust her teaching this?

 What past clients have said:

There are so many ways to grow a successful business.

But no matter how you scale or what type of services you offer, every single business needs leads, needs to make sales, and wants to do less and make more!


Getting high ticket clients doesn't have to be hard, but it does require very specific things and that's exactly what we are going over in this masterclass.