Hiring your 7 figure Dream Team:

the secret to getting top tier talent & saving you 20+ hours per hire 

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What you'll learn during the Masterclass:
  • What mistakes people make with hiring and why that's keeping them stuck
  • A 6-step process to building your dream team
  • The biggest challenges with your new hires beyond finding them
  • How to solve all of the above so that you can have top tier talent on your team and save you so much time so you can keep scaling without a ceiling/cap


as seen in...

as seen in...

In order to scale, you can revamp your marketing strategy and map out the best new offers all you want, but the truth is if you don't have a team to help you, a one-woman-show can only go so far before she burns out and hits an income ceiling.
And we aren't here to burnout. We are here to make bank while also getting to enjoy the life we built.

For most entrepreneurs, hiring feels like a rollercoaster.

wink wink: hiring is one of the keys to scaling with ease.
the top hiring mistakes that entrepreneurs make
hiring dynamics to consider as you scale
a 6 step process to building your dream team
how to solve the 2 hardest parts of onboarding

Here's what we are covering in the masterclass

 What I'm teaching you has helped people achieve:

Robin was able to use her existing team in a new way to meet her exact needs instead of having to keep hiring.

smaller team

Cindy cut her workload in half while doubling her income by hiring a team with this info.

working less

save 20+ hours

Sarah finally found a person she loved for her team and saved over 20 hours with her new hire because of these methods.


it's simple. If you want the best & don't want to waste time hiring, training and onboarding, you need this masterclass.

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I'm Amanda Kolbye, a 7 figure business coach and online educator. In my past life I working in staffing hiring hundreds of people for Fortune 100 CEOs. In my own business, I scaled to a million dollar business in 2 years and of course had to build the most badass team along the way to help me run my company.
I've made a lot of hiring mistakes and wasted a lot of time trying to find the best of the best and eventually learned the methods that I teach my clients now that help them scale a team with ease.

I can't wait to see you inside the training to help you learn how to hire and train your 7 figure dream team!

Who is Amanda?
And why should I trust her teaching this?

 What past clients have said:

Hiring is only step #1...

Finding a qualified person to hire is one thing, but if you have ever hired a team member before you know that there are two potentially bigger frustrations after that:


  1. Training & onboarding takes a boat load of your time
  2. It is realistically very hard to find your "unicorn" who possesses all the combination of skills you want and need
And we have a solution for you that solves both of these AND will save you 20+ hours with training and onboarding, after you use the rest of the knowledge in this masterclass that we are teaching to help hire your dream team.